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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clementz Family Update

Thank you to those who have joined our team and the support of Bible translation around the world.  Thanks to our current partners who have increased their monthly support.  We are blessed by your faithfulness towards Bibleless peoples and growing God’s kingdom.  Our need for more monthly support still weighs on us, but we are confident that God is leading and He will provide.  Thanks for your continued prayers toward this need.

God continues to bring opportunities to share the vision of Bible translation with many varied groups of people.  One of the most unique opportunities we have had is sharing at a dentist office.  Thanks to Dr. Lambert, who is taking care of our dental needs, for inviting us to share about Bible translation with his staff.  What a fun and energizing experience!  We have also talked in school chapel, college classes, and many adult groups.  Even Sean, Mikayla and Emily have gotten in on the action.  Just recently they joined us at their chapel and represented the three main areas with the greatest translation needs – Africa, SE Asia, and the Pacific.  We are honored that He chose to use our family to share the incredible need of Bibleless people.  Thank you for supporting us as we press on, we could not do this without you.
With thankful hearts,
 The Clementz Family
There is only One Finish Line!!     John 14:6, Phil 3:14

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


                 NO RETREAT... NO SURRENDER!

After much fierce opposition and some "Naysayer's"  we pressed on. Just like Job's counselors were wrong, reading opposing  circumstances into "Gods will to retreat". Hebrews 11:6... without out faith it is impossible to please Him. We stayed the course that God laid on our hearts and the vision for water to this desert place.  Eph. 6 ...put on the FULL Armor of God...  (there is no armor for the back side!) The water is a huge aqua-fir 146 feet thick and very clean with no salt. The site is just 30-feet from where the villagers walk to market place, by the hundreds every Wednesday. TO GLORY BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Last minute Details still coming together...

As Pastor Ty said in today's message:


Prayer list:

Team unity, for all to be lead by the Holy Spirit, one body, one Spirit, for Gods will to be done!
Traveling mercies, for all divisions of the team, Rob & Cindy, well drillers and Pastor Wilson
Water: That water is found at a depth acceptable for a hand pump and good for drinking.
Equipment Operations: Pray that there will be no equipment issues, with with the vehicles or drill rig.
Health: No strange bacteria, disease or injury to any of the team members or church in Kenya
Sharing the Gospel: Pray that we take every opportunity to share the Gospel in love and in the truth of Gods word. 

We covet your prayers and are excited that you are going with us on this journey as our prayers warriors!

To God be the glory for ever and ever, Amen

                                                              Rob & Cindy

Central Asia

Ministry Description:
Many mountain culture unreached people groups have never had the
opportunity to hear the saving truth of Jesus.As I had the opportunity
to share Jesus from Turkey to Bhutan, I have developed a deep heart
for the many forgotten mountain people living in the rugged “rooftop”
of Asia.  My teammates and I are establishing a new team in the
unengaged BT people focused on establishing fellowships that will
multiply.  We plan to work in the remote mountain regions via creative
access pathways of education, wilderness medicine, and community-based
adventure tourism.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We found WATER!!!!!!

Pastor Amos with Elder Moses & Engineers
After 5 month and two different tries, water was found. The drilling rig that we have access to only drills to 65 meters. The instruments indicate water is at 55 meters. Isn't that just like God!        To be just where we need it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Going to School for the 1st Time

Can you Imagine… going to school for the 1st  at age 9 and10
Praise God, the funds came in to send these two girls and 9 others that are either fatherless or complete orphans to go to school for two-years.
Thanks and praise God to the brothers and sisters at Calvary Chapel-Salmon

Timanoi and Tipira

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chruch planting in Edmonton, Canada update:

Dejan and Julie Prayer needs:
* For the discipleship of those who responded to the Gospel
* For our continued faith & patience as we wait on the Lord to raise our support
* For continued preparation of our hearts for the work in Edmonton
* For blessing of our fellowship and partnering with the church in Calgary, as they are 
  working to help us logistically to get onto the Canadian mission field